Like many architects’ websites, WORKS describes our projects. This assumes you will make connections between the works and recognise what we believe is important. You might not.

So, here, IDEAS draws on different aspects of our work, and the place and time in which we practice to offer you an insight into the multitude of things that interest us. How and why we plan and detail the way we do, the way we draw, and the way we communicate. Our wider cultural interests, in people, the arts, the city and landscape, and the places we visit for inspiration. Of course the possibilities are endless.

IDEAS will continue to evolve. Three or four times a year we will build a new virtual gallery illustrating a new IDEA. This will be accompanied by a short commentary by way of explanation.

Old IDEAS are saved in an archive offering you a window into our world.

In this manner, we hope to reveal the recurring themes that underpin our work, giving you a reason to return again and again to our website.